What BBQ Guru model should I get?

We currently offer 3 models: PartyQ, DigiQ DX2, and our CyberQ Wifi.

  • PartyQ - If you're a beginner and have a smaller cooker, we recommend the PartyQ. It runs on AA batteries and the fan and controller are built into 1 unit.
  • DigiQ DX2 - Our most popular control, this device adds the ability to set and measure your FOOD temperature. Set your pit temperature and desired food temperature. When your food is nearly to the ideal temperature, the control will ramp down the temperature to hit the optimal temperature without overcooking. And it even has an audible alert to let you know when your food is done.
  • CyberQ Wifi - Our most advanced unit, the CyberQ Wifi allows you to measure your pit and food temperatures while giving you the ability to control and monitor it from a wifi-enabled device with a web browser.

There are even more differences, so check out our product comparison for more details to compare even more features.